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Scenes The Writer Shows

RRP $49.99

Scenes the Writer Shows {forty-one places a poem can go} is a collection of poems from travels and experiences. They describe situations and moments in life (mine or someone else's) that were either positive or negative. A few poems deal with teenage angst and issues of personal experience either in my own or someone else's life. "The Hustler," for example, loosely mirrors my life and experience as a disabled person. It is a montage of my years living in Downtown Minneapolis, riding public transit and adapting to urban life. Word-play, meter and music used often to create images that will draw the reader into the poem. For example, in "Waxing on Flames," I tried to create the image of a bonfire by a river with young scouts growing up as flames nurture them along: "We were young and at the mercy of our means and we flung ourselves Down upon the flames for what we knew felt right; I bridled from Those heated pains that boiled and tested me; and knelt down to Pray upon the iron grate while Moonlight splintered trees to shake Ripe, fierce winds I'd learned to hate;" My poems travel to England, to Scotland and Wales. They go to the Mid-east and to Norway. They go from my home in Minneapolis to New York and Tennessee.

As You Were: House Shows

RRP $12.00

AS YOU WERE is a brand new comic anthology zine curated by Mitch Clem with contributions from our favorite comic artists from various punk scenes. The first issue's theme is House Shows with 72 pages of brand new comics created just for this book from Andra Passen, Andy Warner, Anthony Sorge, Ashley Rowe Palafox, Ben Snakepit, Bill Pinkel, Brad Dwyer, Brian Connolly, Emilja Frances, Josh PM Frees, Kim Funk, Liz Prince, Liz Suburbia, Mel, Mitch Clem, Nation of Amanda, Ramsey Everydaypants, Rick V, plus gorgeous cover art by Steve Larder The perfect addition to any punkhouse bathroom!

Quiz Craze : America's Infatuation With The Radio And Television Game Shows

RRP $402.99

"Probably the most thorough, complete, and accurate compilation of game show history ever printed. Educational, enlightening, and entertaining." - Wink Martindale Martindale Enterprises


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